Resident Support Team

A 13-member, volunteer Board of Directors governs the organization and represents the many diverse communities served. This active Board is entrusted with directing the organization, based on policy and procedure, and in supporting the realization of our overall mission.

The leadership and staff are committed to providing quality, compassionate and highly effective care & support through our evidence-based Addiction Treatment therapies & programs. Our staff has extensive experience in the field of recovery including the philosophy of the 12-Step Programs and are able to share that experience with the residents. Our Counsellors are accredited practitioners through the Canadian Addictions Counsellors Certification Federation.

Board of Directors: President - Ms. Carol Tahti; Vice President - Mr. Paul Gouge; Mr. Fred McWilliams, The Hon. Judge Ray Stortini, ON.ONT. B.A. LLB. JUR. DR., Mr. John Hershey, Mr. Larry Bellerose, Mr. Bob Ferris, Mr. Jack Nadeau, Dr. Doug Brooks, Mr. Joshua Molinaro, Mr. Arthur Girard, Ms. Karen Derochie, Ms. Shawna Mornix, Jennifer Mealey.

Our Team: Executive Director - Randy St. John; Addiction Counsellors - David Craig, Lucas Snyder; Resident Care Attendants - David Dorricott, John Harris, Pierre Bailey; Office Administrator - Doug McGinn; Resident Cook - Ms. Brenda Cranston-Aubé.

Alumni:  President - Clayton Turcotte;

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